How to Play CyberCat

Get Started

step 1 Own your CyberCats

You must have at least 3 Cybercats to start the game

Pick at CyberCat marketplace:

Step 2 Log in to the game portal



Log in with your address

Choose the network of the chain BSC or OEC➡️Connect ➡️Signature authorization➡️Done!

Log in with email

Set up your email at the Cybercat marketplace: ➡️Fill in the email and password➡️Done!

Step 3 Sync your Cybercats to the game

After completing the above four steps, you can now start to play to earn!

Play to Earn

There are three ways to get HEP token rewards in the game

  1. The HEP reward calculation is reset every day at 8 am (HKT) ;

  2. If your Cybercat has mystic parts, you will get extra rewards! (Launch on December 10);

  3. If your energy is used up, you can still get points in battle mode, but there is no HEP reward;

  4. The arena will reward the first 1,000 players CHE every season.

Claim your rewards

Go to Cybercat Marketplace ➡️ Connect to your address ➡️Account➡️ Claim tokens

The rewards you get will be recorded on the chain within 24-48 hours, and you can claim them after 12 days

Sell Cybercat to get more

If you have extra Cybercats, you can sell them on Cybercat Marketplace to get income

You can get more cybercats by breeding

Refer to Friends & Earn CHE

Enjoying CyberCat? Why not share with your friends and get FREE CHE?

Invite them using your link

Step 1 log in to Cybercat Marketplace

Step 2 copy your referral link in [Invite]

Step 3 share your link to your friends

Step 4 when the invitee purchases NFT, you will earn CHE equivalent to 3% of the transaction amount

Step 5 claim your rewards

The above is the content of the current version of Cybercat, we will add more gameplay in the future.


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