Plant Class CyberCat

It is a kind of virtual pet evolved from plants. The body of Plant Class CyberCat is composed of different kinds of plants. Some look like ferocious cacti, and some look like cute potatoes. Plant Class CyberCat With the attributes of plants, it also has relatively strong vitality and defense power. In the game, it is generally recommended to be placed in the front row to resist the enemy's damage.

Mech Class CyberCat

Mech Class CyberCat is a mechanical pet produced by AI through precise calculation and continuous optimization. Mech Class CyberCat has a cold mechanical appearance, but through continuous learning, these pets also have their own emotions and ideas. Mech Class CyberCat has a high-tech body and offensive weapons. It is recommended as firepower in the game, which can give the enemy a fatal blow with powerful attacks.

Dragon Class CyberCat

This ancient and mysterious pet was discovered in the legendary dragon cave. These pets look quite different from dragons in appearance, but the dragon horns on their heads still remind you of this is indeed a pet related to dragons. The Dragon Class CyberCat is very fast and can always move faster than the enemy.

Beast Class CyberCat

Beast CyberCat, with a strong physique and furry body, the DNA of beasts is reflected in these mysterious pets that live by hunting. The extra keen sense of smell makes the Beast CyberCat invincible on the battlefield, and it is recommended to be used as DPS in the game, which can defeat the enemy without notice.

Aquatic Class CyberCat

A mysterious pet from the deep sea that can breathe like a fish in the water and run freely on the land, Aquatic Class CyberCat loves to be clean, so in general, they stay in the water, they are extremely fast and strong, and can always move faster than the enemy.

Bug Class CyberCat

Bug Class CyberCat comes from the mysterious virtual wormhole and has a hard beetle shell and an agile body. It likes to move around in the forest and usually uses plants as food, so Plant Class CyberCat does not like Bug Class CyberCat and often clashes with it. Bug Class CyberCat has a relatively defensive power and can be placed in the front row to resist the enemy.

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